Miroglio Fashion is part of the Miroglio Group and deals with creating, producing and distributing throughout the world 11 womenswear brands. The distribution strategy is structured on many levels and counts, up to the present day, 1,200 single brand stores, 5,000 trade customers with multi-brand stores and the e-commerce channel.


Miroglio Fashion's vocation has always been that of 'keeping close to all women', promoting a fashion that enhances their distinctiveness, and satisfying the different tastes, styles, fits and price needs.

In Miroglio Fashion the atmosphere is that of a culture and know-how made of experience and knowledge of the fabrics world and the highest care for the comfortable fitting aspect, thanks to the presence of a team of modellers who have always worked hand in hand with the stylists.


Within Miroglio Fashion, the product offers ranges from the Fast Fashion to Prêt-à-porter: two product cultures and two business models which have, over time, been capable of contaminating each other in a virtuous way, translating into new, profitable synergies.


Our brands

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In its business, Miroglio Fashion, follows those ethical principles and values in respect of law compliance as declined into the Code of Ethics of Miroglio Group, formally adopted by its Board of Directors, since the Company is convinced that the achievement of business aims cannot be deemed without respecting fundamentals values.