Elena Miroglio



Elena_Miroglio_2017-250x250Elena Miroglio is Deputy Chairman of Miroglio S.p.A. and Chairman of Miroglio Fashion s.r.l.


Born on 15th April 1970, Elena Miroglio graduated in Economics and Business at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in Milan, and completed her studies in Business and Management at University of California, in Santa Barbara.


She started her career in the product and retail department of an American fashion company, before entering Miroglio Group’s fashion division where she held, over the years, multiple roles in different business areas, such as product, merchandising, retail, marketing and communications.


In 2007 she was named “Cavaliere della Repubblica”, thanks to the contribution the brand Elena Mirò and the entire company gave to the emancipation of women from a constricting aesthetic concept.


Her presence within the Group now focuses on the purpose of developing textile and clothing activities, with particular reference to both product and marketing strategic areas.