Elena Miroglio



Elena_Miroglio_2017-250x250After graduating in Economics and Business from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, she studied Business and Management at the University of California before beginning her career in an apparel company in Los Angeles. She then joined the Miroglio Group’s fashion division in product design and development, going on to hold other roles in the areas of retail, marketing and communication.


Today she is Deputy Chair of the Miroglio Group and Chair of Miroglio Fashion. Along with the Group’s Chairman, her brother Giuseppe, and the CEOs of the operating companies, she contributes to defining strategies and controlling performance and operational approach. Giuseppe, Elena and twin sister Elisa - President of the Elena and Gabriella Miroglio Foundation - are the fourth generation in a family business which began trading in the late 1800s and was transformed into an industrial concern starting from 1947.


She has been honoured as “Cavaliere della Repubblica” for the contribution given by the Elena Mirò brand and the company to the emancipation of women from a constrictive model of what looks good: as a matter of fact, Miroglio is the first Italian company to dedicate particular attention to all women, irrespective of shapes and stereotypes.


In 2018 she received the Marisa Bellisario award in the entrepreneur category “for the passion and innovation shown in accomplishing an entrepreneurial story of excellence, contributing to emancipating women from a single, stereotypical aesthetic model”.


Among her main interests are travel and artistic expressions: sources of inspiration for promoting creativity and stimulating growth within the company.