Mario Montù



Montu_MarioMario Montù joined Miroglio in 2011, and currently serves as Group Chief Financial Officer and on the Board of Directors of the company M2LOG.


After completing his university studies, he began his professional life with the Andersen Group before moving on to Deloitte, where he progressed through various career levels. Involved initially in balance sheet auditing and advising corporations, he later became responsible for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). He provided auditing and consultancy services to major multinationals, including GE Capital, Fiat, SKF and others.


Following a consultancy project for SKF, in 2002 he joined NN Europe, a joint venture between the American Group NN Inc and SKF Industries. In his role as CFO Europe and Group Vice President he dealt with corporate organization and international development through M&A operations in Holland and Eastern Europe.


He is a Statutory Auditor and member of a national body for the analysis and application of the main accounting principles and the regulations of the Italian Civil Code.