The Group identity is strongly linked with the cultural, material and intangible heritage built up in over a century of history.
A whole heritage of experiences and values which coexist in Miroglio, completing each other.

Italian roots and international partnerships

A tree with deep roots which, year by year, grows a solid trunk, stretches out its branches, thickens its foliage: such is the Miroglio Group in 70 years of industrial activity. The headquarters are in Alba, today like then. The process of textile printing is, and always has been, 100% made in Piedmont. The Group's branches stand the economy winds, ready to consolidate their presence on emerging markets, even through new takeovers and international partnerships.


Industrial production and personal approach

The manufacturing wisdom and industrial organisation have always been accompanied by a 'tailor made' approach to the customer, whether business or consumer. With 11 brands Miroglio serves all targets and manages to satisfy the different fitting needs: the 1,000 single brand stores all over the world, meet the desires of millions of customers. In the textile area, Miroglio guarantees a 100% Italian production, tailored to the customer and inclusive of all printing technologies available on the market: traditional printing, next generation digital printing, transfer paper and technical films.


Know-how, tradition and constant evolution

"Let us not forget our past.
Let us learn from our experience to make the future grow."


- Giuseppe Miroglio -


Thanks to the know-how gained throughout history, the skill to acknowledge and anticipate market trends, the investments which are continuously devoted to research and development of new technologies and solutions, for all activity sectors (production, supply chain and logistics), today the Miroglio Group meets the demands of a more and more global and miscellaneous market.


Miroglio carefully presides over every single ring of the value chain and directly manages all the stages of the supply chain: from production to retailing, going through the integrated management of the supply chain.