Different business,
one vision.

A womenswear brand
with a strong identity.

Miroglio Fashion is the Miroglio Group company which handles – either directly or indirectly – the design, manufacturing and distribution of 11 clothing brands. All for women, and each with its own specialization and distinctiveness to meet the needs of the various target markets. Brands which are distributed internationally through 1,000 branded stores, 2,200 multi-brand shops and increasingly through e-commerce.

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Your trusted partner
on the textile market.

Miroglio Textile is the Miroglio Group company operating on the fabric, yarn, transfer paper and technical film markets. It has four major manufacturing and logistics sites – Govone and Alba in Italy, and two plants in Tunisia and Morocco – providing a countless number of high quality products. From collection design to sampling, from printing on any material to dispatch logistics, we are an end-to-end partner pursuing maximum excellence in a number of different segments as different as clothing, architecture, interior design and leather goods.

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A leading player in integrated door-to-door logistics.

From transport through warehouse management to worldwide store distribution, M2LOG is the Miroglio Group company specializing in customized logistics services for fashion companies in a number of different sectors: textiles, clothing, lingerie, leather goods, accessories and footwear. The company provides competitive services, designed to achieve next generation operative efficiencies through facilities, equipment, information systems and advanced technology.

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