We are sustainable
long before it was cool.

We believe in the value of sustainable growth. We started pursuing it when the term “sustainability” was not yet a trend and we continue to do it by innovating our processes, investing in new technologies, engaging our suppliers and partners, obtaining high level certifications that testify to our ever-growing commitment.

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Million liters

Of water saved every year, thanks to the digital and transfer printing technology employed by Sublitex plants. That’s equivalent to the water that 400,000 people can drink in one year.

Million kWh

Of electricity saved every year, thanks to the over 20,000 LED lamps installed in Miroglio Fashion stores and Miroglio plants. That’s the equivalent of over 10,000 car trips from Milan to Naples.

Million Kg

Fewer CO2e (greenhouse gas) emissions every year, thanks to the production of solar energy by the >2 MWp photovoltaic systems at M2log and the company’s nursery school. That’s the equivalent of planting more than 50,000 new trees.

Supporting those
who work with us.

Our employees are a major asset for us. That’s why we have always contributed to improving their own wellbeing and that of their families through a number of initiatives that do not come to an end when they no longer work in the company.

Established in 1973, the Elena and Gabriella Miroglio Foundation promotes a number of social, health and cultural assistance services for our employees, their children and the Group’s retirees who have contributed to our growth throughout the years. Projects and initiatives which often encompass our local area too and some countries abroad.

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A world of social,
health and cultural initiatives.

La casa dei bambini

A corporate nursery and playschool for over 100 children between one and five years of age. One of Italy’s biggest facilities for the children of employees, which is also open to the local community.

Print workshops

An activity for children under 12 to help them discover the beauty of “practical know-how” and release their imagination by experimenting with print techniques under the guidance of expert technicians.

Senior group

Sports, fun and educational activities in a facility surrounded by nature. For the families of employees with children aged between 6 and 15 who are staying in town during the summer.

Group code of ethics.

Our ethical principles and rules of conduct are stated in our Code of Ethics which all our companies, at all corporate levels, are bound to comply with in both their internal relations and their relationships with customers and stakeholders in Italy and all the countries we operate in.

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