Keeping up with changes,
anticipating trends.

From 1884 to the present day. Discover the milestones in our long journey. Our current values stem from actions, events, choices and insights developed over time. Our history? An ongoing evolution.

The beginning of a great adventure.

Alba, Piedmont, Italy. Miroglio started out here, in a small family shop that has become an international group in the course of over a century. Alba is still home to our headquarters and our constant generation of ideas, strategies and projects that travel around the world. We are loyal to a culture of substance, humbleness, passion.

In 1884 Carlo Miroglio married Angela Scarzello. Together they started selling fabrics around the Alba area from a cart. Shortly afterwards, they decided to open a shop in town. Their business grew, and so did their family.

Italian DNA,
international vision.

Originally a textile company with deep Italian roots, over the years we have reached beyond our national borders to discover new markets and opportunities, so that we can better compete and meet the challenges of our industry. Our industrial approach left room for a new set of globally recognized trade and service skills.

In 1947 Giuseppe officially started his manufacturing business by purchasing some looms. Alba was still a small farming town at the time: building a plant here promised growth and wellbeing for everyone.

The courage
to innovate.

We imported the business of mass-produced clothing from the United States. We were pioneers of the full cycle manufacturing model, among the first to believe in product segmentation and specialization. We know how to embrace change, grasp new opportunities, question ourselves. We carefully watch our ever-changing world.

“In the States, 80% of women were wearing what the experts called ‘ready made clothes’, i.e. mass produced clothes. In Italy, the percentage was even lower than 10%. So there was a gap in the market and success was guaranteed.”
Giuseppe Miroglio, 1955


There is strength in numbers: that's what makes us a group.

Miroglio was among the first to invest in people’s well-being. We believe that our Group’s growth comes through caring for the people who work here and interact every day. We believe in the company, employees, suppliers, institutions and partners working together, because their overall value is greater than the sum of their parts.

Between 1950 and 1965, over 300 apartments and a nursery school were built for employees. A few years later, the Miroglio Foundation was established.

Our brands
on the market.

As we have evolved from an industrial to a consumer society, products have become brands and clothes have become a medium for social achievement. That’s why we at Miroglio decided to debut our own brands by launching designer clothes for the mid-range market target we had always targeted: affordable style and wearability for all.

In 1985 our first outfits were launched under Elena Mirò and Fiorella Rubino: two brands that believed in fashion aimed at all women, not just runway models. They were an immediate success on the market.

We watch the market
from close range.

From fabrics to clothes, we have experimented with new forms of selling by developing trade relations with other companies, wholesalers and independent retailers and ultimately launching our own shops. These offer a vantage point for understanding in advance what our customers want and testing out our new styles. We are constantly keeping an eye on the changing market.

In the Nineties we introduced a number of last-minute industrial projects to innovate our manufacturing processes, collection creation methods and distribution logistics. Fashion requires real-time product updates based on the never-ending evolution of trends.

Alliance without borders.

In the age of globalization, the challenge comes from multinational competitors, supply exceeds demand, and consumers are increasingly demanding. In addition to the specialization of our traditional businesses, we have invested in high value partnerships in order to grow on foreign markets, selecting the best local companies to share skills with and launch truly distinctive products together.

“We are committed to international growth that blends our know-how with expert knowledge of local markets. The Ayaydin family in Turkey was the perfect partner for us. We believe in the possibility of mutually and profitably sharing our spheres of expertise to achieve a common ground that enhances our individual talents (…)”.
Giuseppe Miroglio, 2008

at the service of people.

Technological innovation is in our DNA. We constantly invest in latest generation systems, equipment and models that help us accelerate our processes, obtain and process data, and create new products and services. Our technology often operates in the background so people can express themselves and make a difference every day.

In 2011, Miroglio set out on a new course via hi-tech. We embraced an Industry 3.0 approach with next-generation digital printing machinery. Our manufacturing processes became faster, more flexible and more environmentally sustainable. Our stylists’ creativity could finally go beyond the limits set by previous technologies.

A unique experience
for every customer.

From e-commerce to physical stores. From retail purchases to deliveries. Highly advanced applications for an overview of the full product range. A number of interconnected tools. To us, going digital means providing our customers with real time information and smooth and customized multi-channel experiences. We manage complexity with maximum simplicity.

In 2014, digital innovation was introduced into our physical stores, allowing customers to browse complete collections on a tablet and order products direct from a point of sale. Seamless offline and online integration.

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