We are Miroglio.

We are an international company with a strong Italian identity. We look to the future and are deeply rooted in our 70-year history. We are Miroglio, a group of companies, values and people working together to drive value in the industry we love and know so well: fashion. We never stop learning and we master every detail, while ceaselessly innovating. From clothing brands and transfer printing, to integrated logistics and supply chain management. Fashion in all its forms.

Creating unique experiences for our customers everywhere, whatever they desire.

Siamo persone appassionate che agiscono, imparano e crescono, professionalmente e umanamente. Per costruire qualcosa di importante serve un passo in più, e noi vogliamo farlo.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs.

We’re a passionate bunch, always actively learning and growing, both personally and professionally.
To build something big you need to go above and beyond, and that’s just what we intend to do.

We always put our clients first.

We’re constantly trying to think of new ways to get to know, satisfy and surprise our clients.
It’s our obsession, and we love pursuing it.

We focus on solutions, not problems.

We always keep our eyes on the destination. We may stop for a moment or change direction, but we never turn back.
We think about the results we want to achieve, not the obstacles that might slow us down.

We make decisions based on data.

We have the statistics and tools to make sense of reality, and the intelligence and intuition to understand it, and sometimes even pre-empt it.
We’re honing the science of interpreting events and the art of looking beyond them.

We’re always testing and learning.

We plan, we experiment, we reflect on the results. Then we start again.
A success is a starting point; a mistake is an opportunity to keep on improving.

We believe in our ability to succeed together.

We look inside the business to share feedback and push ourselves to improve, and outside the business to seek new inspiration and aims.
We train together as a team, with a shared goal in mind.

A partnership made to grow in emerging market.

“To expand our business into foreign markets, respecting their culture by developing local brands.” Our international growth strategy is perfectly embodied by our 2008 partnership with Ipekyol Group, one of Turkey’s most advanced companies in the fashion business.

Based on three brands Ipekyol, Machka and Twist – the Ipekyol Group joint venture is now achieving significant results in terms of revenue and store expansion, both on the Turkish market and in Central Asia and Middle East countries. The Miroglio Group is committed to developing this partnership model in other countries as well.


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